Wednesday, 19 July 2017

First Space Marine done!

I finally managed to add the final highlights to the first Space Marine I painted to see how painting with atmosphere colours could look like.

Here's the result:

As those who follow my blog regularly know already, the starting point was the standard blue colour used for Space Marines.

I just added the rusty orange brown you can see on the base to every single colour I used for the mini, went from achromatic to chromatic colours at the beginning and added light blue and white to highlight it assuming there is sky blue light coming from above.

When I saw the metallic greenish colour I had mixed for the final highlight of the golden eagle and the shoulder pads (see pic above), I thought I'd ruin it with the last highlight because it looked so weird on my wet palette. Showed it to my partner before adding it to the golden parts and he was like ... eek, what have you done? Are you really going to add this to the mini? :-DDD

It feels weird to add atmosphere colours to all colours you use at the beginning, especially because you cannot tell how the colour will turn out in the end when you try this for the first time, but I really like how it turned out overall and will continue to paint like this.

I'll try to finish the other two Space Marines before starting to paint Bastiladon for the painting contest King/Queen of Colour on July 29. There will be a comparison pic with all three in the end to demonstrate how atmosphere colours really change your whole way of painting.

Monday, 17 July 2017

King/Queen of Colour

Time for another update:

I'm going to participate in yet another painting contest ... this time organised by my local gaming store:

'King/Queen of Colour'.

It surely is one of the most interesting contests I've participated in so far. We are all going to paint the same mini (determined by a majority vote of all participants) with a given range of colours (yet to be announced) within four weeks.

Minis we could choose from:

~Age of Sigmar~
Lord~Aquilor Stormcast Eternals
Bastiladon Seraphon

~Warhammer 40000~
Triarch Stalker

Space Marine Venerable Dreadnought

The majority of participants went for Bastiladon (me too). Next vote the results of which are going to be announced next Saturday: Which version - Arc of Sotek or Solar Engine?

I'd prefer the Solar Engine and voted for it. The Arc of Sotek will also be interesting to paint though.

Colours will be announced on July 29 and the miniatures will have to be painted by August 26. 

I hope you find the concept of this painting contest as interesting as I do ... stay tuned for pics and updates!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Mixing colours and integrating atmosphere colours into my projects


This is how my Space Marine project looks like now:

Note: I started with an identical blue colour and added the colours you can see on the corresponding bases as atmosphere colours. That's why they look so different even though I started with the same blue.

Most progress on this mini. Silver and gold still WIP (blue light from above is still lacking on the metal parts).

Two layers so far. I still have to add green light coming from top left and highlight the crystals on the base.

Two layers as well, no highlighting so far. I still have to add red light from one side (and obviously correct several mistakes I didn't see before taking the pics *rolleyes*)

I enjoy playing around with atmosphere colours and mixing colours very much even though it still takes me a long time to think it through and put it into practice. Hopefully, I will be able to upload the next WIP pics on Monday.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Experimenting with atmosphere colours (Space Marines)

Here's an update on my Space Marines project:

As you can see, I started integrating the first atmosphere colour (the main colour you can see on the corresponding bases) into every colour of the first layer. The difference this makes, especially considering that I used exactly the same blue tone for all three Space Marines, is already visible on the pics.

Pics of each Space Marine with the corresponding base:

Which one do you like best so far?

Monday, 8 May 2017

Space Marines (WIP)

Update on my Space Marine project

Here is a WIP pic of the three bases. I painted two of them and the third one is dry now so that I can add crystals to it today.

Here is a WIP pic of the first Space Marine (standing on a desert base later on, with red light from the sunset coming from one side):

Next to it, you can see the colour I use as a base colour for all three of them, and the effect of adding the first atmosphere colour (the yellow I used for the desert base above) to all colours applied. The first layer is desaturated by adding a tiny drop of the complementary colour to the mix.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Fun project

Just decided to use the Space Marines I got from GW in December for a fun project to practise how to integrate atmosphere colours into miniature painting.

I will go for one and the same base colour (blue) with three different bases and light situations.

No. 1: Desert base, sunset, atmosphere colours: desert ground, red light from one side.

No. 2: Rather futuristic base with gear wheels, zenithal lighting. Atmosphere colours: Rust from the ground, sky blue from above.

No. 3: Necron base (rock and purple crystals), green sunlight from top left. Atmosphere colours: Purple and green.

Here are the bases I built:

The Necron base is still wet so no basecoat yet and I still have to add the crystals.

Excited to see the effects of integrating atmosphere colours and different light situations into the basic painting concept.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Jar's Advanced Painting Class - Review part II

Now back to miniature painting!

After the practical exercices I mentioned in part I of this review we started to prepare the mini we were going to paint and built a base taking into account the general atmosphere around the mini.

I immediately imagined the barbarian in a forest, standing on a tree trunk, with a few rays of pale yellow sunlight coming from above. As I had only painted zenithal lighting unil then, I decided to go for sunlight coming in from top left this time. Which is also more likely in a forest IMO.

Several workshop participants converted their minis. As the axe perfectly fits into a forest environment, I didn't change the weapon and immediately started building a forest base for my barbarian instead.

Next to me, someone got carried away  ... :-D

Here's how mine looked like after the first layer:

At this stage I made a major mistake. Due to the light coming from top left I didn't take into consideration painting the shield in a more interesting way (adding a second colour or some kind of pattern). I just overlooked it because I was concentrating on the completely new situation of light and shadow I painted for the very first time. As the shield was almost completely in the shadowy part of the mini, I didn't think about it until it was too late.

When I realised my mistake, it would have been difficult to correct it considering that we only had one more day to finish and I would have had to add this second colour or pattern in every single shade of colour I had mixed until then.

I'm going to improve this in my next painting session though.

Another WIP pic after adding the first highlights with the atmosphere colours green and yellow. I didn't use the usual white for these highlights. They are generated by starting with desaturated colours and switching to more saturated ones in the next step.

The barbarian's back is in the shadowy part ... and thus much darker in general.

More highlighting done ...

At this point I started to love the concept of adding atmosphere colours to the mini and thus enhancing the atmosphere you create with the base ... what a difference to the usual way of painting!

Take a look at our final results and you'll understand why:

 As I mentioned before, someone got completely carried away ... we called him 'Afro-Hulk'! :-D

As you can see, I kept it simple, without OSL effects or tattoos. Overall, I'm more than satisfied with the outcome though.

When you get the chance to attend one of Jar's Advanced Painting Classes, go for it! I can only recommend the perfect mix of theoretical lessons followed by practical exercices and individual support he offers. One of the best workshops I have attended so far!